FujiFilm X30

Fujifilm really has got all its X Series camera formulas just right at the moment – most notably the X-T1, X-E2 and X100T – and this continues with the X30. Similarly to Panasonic’s LX100, there’s an interchangeable lens alternative in the shape of the X-A1 (although this camera lacks an EVF which is problematic), but the X30’s ‘complete package’ design makes it the more attractive proposition, especially for street photography or for travelling. The clean, retro-look styling is hard to resist and at around 400 grams with an all-metal bodyshell, it feels like a real camera too. The new control ring makes a huge difference to the way the X30 works compared to its predecessors, promoting much greater efficiencies and a more comfortable transition if you’re using this camera when it’s easier to leave the D-SLR kit at home. The switch to a full EVF is a welcome too, especially one as good as the X30’s OLED display… the 100 percent coverage, full previewing and absence of lag more than compensating for the loss of an optical finder.

Fujifilm also throws affordability into the mix as the X30 is cheaper than any of its main rivals which is important if you’re buying this camera – as is most likely – to supplement your existing gear. However, as before, the overall attraction of the X30 is that it’s just so enjoyable to use and, despite the small sensor, that it’s capable of delivering truly superb results. Spend a bit more to all get the lovely leather carry-case that’s available as an accessory and you’ll never leave home without your X30.

Our full review of the FujiFilm X30 appeared in the May/Jun 2015 issue of Camera magazine. It can be read or downloaded here in full as a PDF replica of the original magazine pages.

Download PDF here: FujiFilm X30

Brand: FujiFilm

Model: X30

Reviewed at: $829.00

Australian distributor: FujiFilm