The camera which started it all for Fujifilm’s X Series gets some key upgrades which significantly enhance its performance and make it more desirable than ever.

Fujifilm’s original X100 was responsible for quite a number of things. It turned quite a few film diehards finally to digital capture. It revitalised Fujifilm’s standings in the enthusiast and professional sectors. It proved that many of the classical elements of camera design are enduring and have appeal across generations… chief among them the eyelevel viewfinder. It prompted at least another two camera manufacturers to do their own thinking outside the square. It confirmed the validity of pairing a bigger sensor with a high-quality prime lens to create the 21st century street camera.

That’s quite a lot to achieve for one camera, but as we’ve noted on many occasions before, the X100 was no ordinary camera. History will record it as one of the most significant designs of the digital era and when, eventually, the cameras from this period become collectible, it will be one of the more highly sought-after acquisitions (especially the limited-edition black version). However, things move on quickly in the digital camera world and Fujifilm’s challenge has been to maintain the momentum created by the X100 because, to some extent, this is crucial to the success of the rest of the X Series line-up, but also because a best-seller is always very good for business.

There must have been a bit of head-scratching in the design department as to exactly how the X100 should evolve, especially given there’s now some competition in terms of both retro-inspired styling and high-performing fixed-lens designs. Firstly, and very sensibly, Fujifilm has stuck with the ‘X100’ model designation. The rumour mill suggested there might be an ‘X200’, but the reality is that the original model has built such a substantial reputation, it was a no-brainer to build on this rather than starting all over again. So, simply, an ‘S’ suffix is added. Also a no-brainer was retaining the original styling – Fujifilm got it so right originally why make changes simply for the sake of making changes? A small ‘S’ badge on one corner of the front panel is really the only give-away externally.

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