If Sony’s exceptional A77 is a bit beyond your budget or just too much camera for your needs, many of its key features and performance benefits can still be enjoyed in the  much more affordable A65.

hallenging the dominance of Canon and Nikon in the D-SLR market is something that nobody has been able to get close to in over a decade, but Sony may just be in with a shout now that it’s focusing all its efforts on SLT-series models. The award-winning A77 represents a strong start as does the entry-level A35 with the mid-range now bolstered by the A65 and recently-announced A57.

The A65 had the misfortune to be announced alongside the A77 which promptly grabbed all the headlines, but in many ways it’s the camera that’s most likely to help Sony bolster its market share. It inherits the A77’s key features and technologies, but it’s more compact and significantly more affordable, being around $600 cheaper (comparing body only prices).

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