Most people involved with inkjet printing would be aware that Epson, Canon and HP aren’t in the business of manufacturing inkjet papers themselves. They specify their media from well-known paper mills and organise its production to meet their particular requirements.

I’ll leave the detective work of locating the origins of these four new Epson fine-art papers to others and instead deal with what is at hand. If first impressions count, then the Hot Press and Cold Press papers are definitely off to a flying start, because the all-white boxes housing them are quite unusual. Apart from being a very smart piece of packaging indeed, these boxes are far too attractive to be cast aside, as they are ideal for the storage of finished prints.

The packaging style also indicates that these are not to be regarded as just more ordinary inkjet papers. The two Cold Press papers have a lightly textured surface, whereas the Hot Press duo are both entirely smooth. They’re both available as either ‘Natural’ or ‘Bright White’. As the name suggests, ‘Natural’ is an off-white colour, reflecting the true nature of the paper, whereas ‘Bright White’, not surprisingly, employs optical brighteners.

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