The enthusiast-level digital compact camera category is thriving so how does Canon react to everybody else muscling in on its territory? With an even more capable model, that’s how.

Canon was building enthusiast-level fixed-lens digital compact cameras well before they became fashionable and just about everybody else hopped on the bandwagon. The first G-series PowerShot model, the G1, appeared in late 2000 – when, of course, D-SLRs cost and arm and a leg – and there have been nine editions subsequently plus the G1X which is a slightly different animal because of its much larger sensor, but is born out of the same philosophy.

The G15 is, consequently, the 11th generation iteration of the small-sensor PowerShot Gs and this is quite an achievement in the still relatively young digital camera world. Its appearance at last year’s Photokina must also have been quite a relief for the G-series diehards, concerned their beloved camera line might be the victim of Canon’s long-awaited entry into the compact system camera (CSC) category. In fact, the casualty here looks likely to be the G1X which just hasn’t been the hit that Canon (or we, for that matter) expected… which is perhaps another reason why the G15 has arrived, returning to the more ‘traditional’ G-series formula based on a more compact design.

Canon has jumped straight from the G12 model designation to G15, by-passing the numbers considered unlucky in various parts of the world (there wasn’t a G4 either), and it’s quite a different camera to its predecessor with a new lens, sensor, processor, monitor screen and bodyshell. Additionally, most of the key specs are upgraded and there are quite a number of new features so the end result is a pretty appealing combination of capabilities and compactness. In reality, the G15 isn’t very much smaller than the G1X, but it is slimmer – which aids pocketing – and quite a lot lighter (by around 200 grams in fact). Canon  Powershot G15  $549

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