In the field of A3+ inkjet printers it would seem the bar has already been set to a remarkable height, but now along comes the Canon PIXMA PRO-1 and the bar goes up again. What’s more, it goes up by more than just a notch or two. Canon’s new flagship A3+ printer is similar in styling to the previous PIXMA 9500 Mark II model, but is slightly larger and considerably heavier. Weighing a hefty 27.4 kilograms and measuring 695x462x239 mm, the PRO-1 is a sizeable object and one that needs two people to lift and carry. The weight is the result of a lot of extra technology residing in a solid chassis. However, the broad flat top is actually ideal for placing a sheet of paper on either before or after printing.

This equipment review is currently available only as a low-resolution pdf version of the original magazine pages originally printed in the Jan Feb 2012 issue
You can download it here: Canon Pixma Pro1 Review.pdf