Following his test of the pigmented-ink PRO-10 in the last issue, Trevern Dawes turns his attention to its dye-based cousin, the Pixma PRO-100 which replaces the popular Pro9000 Mark II.

Canon’s Pixma Pro9000 Mark II established a reputation as a dye based printer capable of producing the very best in print quality so its replacement has some big shoes to fill.

Among the many inkjet printer reviews I’ve prepared over the last few years I’ve highly rated the Pro9000 and the Mark II version as being the best and most affordable in achieving – on the broadest range of media – what we describe as ‘pure’ print quality. With those assessments in mind, I approached the new PRO-100 with considerable interest… and anticipation.

The key differences between it and its predecessor are the addition of Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections, a revised Chromalife 100+ ink set, support for 16-bit workflow and 1200 ppi file resolution, and an increase in weight from 14.4 to 19.7 kilograms. Additionally, the manual single-sheet feeder is positioned directly behind the rear paper stacker. Both paper holders now use a centre position support for media instead of right alignment. The Easy-Photo Print Pro software has been replaced by the Print Studio Pro plug-in for Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom and Canon’s own Digital Photo Preference programs.

Real-time ink ejection control attends to the volume of ink constantly, and is claimed to stabilise colour printing and maintain ink density irrespective of temperature variations. As on the PRO-10, a new ‘Pro’ mode maps colour gamut in pursuit of the optimum balance of brightness and saturation in order to match the image on screen. The fine-art media borders are reduced from 35 to 30 millimetres. Print speeds are twice as fast and the B&W printing times are equivalent to those for colour. CANON PIXMA PRO-100  $799

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