Canon’s first compact system camera is deliberately aimed at the ‘cross over’ user, but it’s still packed solid with D-SLR features.

Whatever Canon’s reasons for waiting so long to launch its mirrorless interchangeable lens camera system, there’s little doubt the strategy has worked in its favour. For starters, rusted-on Canon users are unlikely to have gone elsewhere, so the new EOS M is greeted with plenty of pent-up demand. Then, of course, everybody has been waiting to see what Canon would do, so the M is guaranteed plenty of attention regardless. Finally, Canon has had time to fine-tune its offering in the light of what its rivals have done over the last couple of years. And it shows.

The EOS M exhibits a maturity of conception and execution that suggests Canon has been building compact system cameras since the very beginning. It’s designed primarily as an entry-level model, with the clear inference from Canon that there will be a more enthusiast-orientated version before too long.

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