Canon D-SLR users can be pretty much assured of obtaining a reasonable lifespan for their cameras before a replacement comes along and renders them ‘so yesterday’. Owners of the EOS 650D have had a particularly good run, but now the time has come to say good-bye, as the 650D rolls out to take its place at the top of Canon’s entry-level D-SLR line-up.

The EOS 650D shares quite a lot with the existing 600D, but with enough upgrades and additional features to extend its appeal across the gamut of beginners to enthusiast-level shooters. In this regard, the 650D is really more of an all-rounder than any other Canon D-SLR, particularly when the value-for-money aspect is taken into account. Tellingly, it’s the 650D that Canon’s first compact system camera, the EOS M, is based on in terms of its suite of features and basic specifi cations. It will be interesting to see how both models fare in the sales charts as an indicator of whether CSCs are being purchased as the alternative to entry-level D-SLRs – or are creating a new market.

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