Meet the X10’s more style-conscious cousin! But there’s much more to the XF1 than just a pretty face.

Since the launch of the classically-styled FinePix X100 around two-and-a-half years ago, Fujifilm has worked quickly to build on its success while also broadening its range of X-series cameras to cater for a wider cross-section of users. So the pro-level X-Pro1 has been joined by an enthusiast-level version called the X-E1, and there’s a new fixed-lens model which is designed to have more mainstream appeal.

Under the skin, the XF1 (there is no hyphen in its model designation) shares quite a lot with the X10, but externally the two are like chalk and cheese. While the X10 is bulky, black and business-like with an optical viewfinder and a reasonably ‘traditional’ control layout, the XF1 is super-slim, stylish and is available with a choice of leatherette inserts in black, red or tan to complement the champagne-coloured aluminium bodyshell and lens barrel. It really is a lovely looking thing, and Fujifilm is offering high-class leather cases in matching colours to add a hard-to-resist finishing touch. But while the XF1 may be all slinky catwalk model on the outside, it’s a fully paid-up member of the Working Cameras Union on the inside, making for a pretty unusual combination of style and substance.

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