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A multimedia device made with musos in mine? Count us in! Words by Steve Henderson.

The clever folks at ZOOM realised early on that modern musicians need more than just clever pedals. They need products that expand into other media. ZOOM’s recording range started way back in 2000 with their PS-0 2 Palmtop Studio, and has expanded to cover video and multimedia products, HDD recorders, interfaces and recording desks. They do a great job of it all, too – their L-12 performed brilliantly as the front-of-house and monitor desk at Tommy Emmanuel’s recent guitar retreat. 

The Q2n-4K, ZOOM’s latest multi-media device, is an ultra-HD widescreen video/stereo audio recorder. It powers up with either an adaptor or a pair of AAs. It records to a micro SD card and can output via its HDMI port, and has a full-colour screen and a built-in mono speaker for monitoring. 

The Q2n-4K is tiny (80 millimetres tall and 65 millimetres wide) but contains a camera (f2.8 lens) offering various wide and tele settings, a video recorder with 1080p and 4K imaging, and a great stereo mic to capture 24-bit or 96-kilohertz audio for pristine sound. The options are selectable next to the screen, which displays all the info you need to get rocking quickly, including recording time and a stereo LED meter. 

The finer details of the specs are impressive so have a look online. What’s important here is how it works and what it can do for us. 

Pushing the play button powers up the device. Then, select the video and audio options with the six buttons next to the screen. Check the audio levels on the screen’s meter (there’s a volume dial on the side) and hit record. After recording, plug into your TV or upload to your laptop, and you’ll see and hear a recording with great video and broad, rich audio. The process is so quick and easy that you’ll want to record everything – which is a good thing. It can also be used as an audio-only recorder, reducing memory space usage by not capturing video. 

There’s nothing that will help you improve as a player (or a band) like hearing yourself in playback... Except hearing and seeing yourself. There are a number of video-and-audio recording devices available (including your iPhone), but the Q2n-4K is made for musicians, so the audio function is not just a convenience but a very important element – a feature that the competition seems to underrate. 

The Q2n-4K is well thought-out and delivers high quality video and audio, and way too many extra features to cover here. The ZOOM Q2n-4K is a muso-friendly, web-ready device that doesn’t let technology get in the way of the performance but reproduces it with clarity and quality. 

• ​High-quality video, up to 4K
• ​High sample rate audio
• ​Plenty of video and audio options

•​ High-quality video and audio
•​ Ready access to all the important controls
•​ Simple to operate

•​ Micro-SD cards can be hard to source

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