Have you ever felt the need to choose between an LP and a 335? Collings might have solved that particular conundrum for you.
Eddie Van Halen and Fender tweak their 6L6 50-watter ever so slightly, yet the smallest change makes a big difference.
These metallic axes had their heyday in the blues era, but National are keeping the dream alive and still making ‘em.
Chorus and reverb effects on an acoustic guitar? We’ve seen it before. Wait, you mean chorus and reverb while unplugged!?
Ever wanted your own custom guitar but didn’t know how to go about it? Kiesel makes it easy.
When Gus G. defects to Jackson, He takes the opportunity to tweak his iconic guitar design.
Line 6 cuts the cord with its latest line of player-friendly amplifiers.
Two Notes aims to take the fear of being kicked out of home for excessive volume out of home recording.
Fender’s Classic Design line of acoustics takes in 22 models, all with their own flavour. They sent us four to give an interesting overview.
Who says you can’t have a warehouse full of amps at your disposal at any time? The bank manager? Pfft.
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