Godin takes a fresh look at a classic design.
A compact mic from one of the world’s leading manufacturers that clips right into your Lightning connector.
It’s an analog-voiced reverb pedal, packed to the brim with features. But how will it hold up when the heat is on?
Eric Johnson’s ears are legendarily sensitive, So of course it took three years of development before he let Fender put his name on a new Stratocaster
The Music Man Majesty Monarchy raises the bar in a royal way.
With Trivium’s new album, The Sin And The Sentence, about to drop, it’s time to look at one of the most ‘grrrr!’ Les Pauls in the Epiphone line.
Have you ever felt the need to choose between an LP and a 335? Collings might have solved that particular conundrum for you.
Eddie Van Halen and Fender tweak their 6L6 50-watter ever so slightly, yet the smallest change makes a big difference.
These metallic axes had their heyday in the blues era, but National are keeping the dream alive and still making ‘em.
Chorus and reverb effects on an acoustic guitar? We’ve seen it before. Wait, you mean chorus and reverb while unplugged!?
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