Hey look! A preamp that looks cool, works well and makes sense!
The venerable QSC are back with a low-price option to add to their already wide range of loudspeakers.
Big concert sound in a little box? Is that even possible?
Active, passive, traditional, modern... Yamaha aims to be a little of everything and a whole lot of playable with the TRBX605 bass.
Fender turns its attention to guitar education with bite-size lessons aimed at helping beginner guitarists become lifelong players.
Fender raises the bar for its entry-level Stratocaster, with (unsurprisingly) sexy results.
ISP Technologies tackles the problem of getting your digital processor’s sound into your ears onstage.
With the determination to pull itself out of a financial rough patch, Gibson knows it has to really make its flagship Les Paul Standard count.
Australia’s JVB puts its own spin on the coated guitar string, and they’re not a-frayed to be different.
QSC throws another hat into the crowded ring of portable digital mixers.
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