Line 6 strips down its venerable Helix unit into an easy-to-manage stompbox that you can chuck in a gigbag or even a cargo-pant pocket.
Jackson takes two different approaches to the same basic guitar with a simple, but effective change of body woods.
Eddie Van Halen’s namesake guitar company brings us two different takes on his Wolfgang guitar concept, and they’re surprisingly affordable.
Buck Waller, a pioneer in noise reduction, unveils his latest high-tech, low-profile buzz battler.
If it’s too good to be true…
Here, with the MCG20 and the MCG35C, Katoh offer a great quality at the entry-level end with two brilliant and distinct options.
You know what they say about small packages…
Shure provides an elegant and high-performance solution for a crowded in-ear headphone market.
We’re Victory. We heard you like amps, so we built an amp you can play inside your amp while you play your amp.
Alex Wilson takes a closer look at an amp that exemplifies simplicity, both in form and function.
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