Fender turns its attention to guitar education with bite-size lessons aimed at helping beginner guitarists become lifelong players.
Fender raises the bar for its entry-level Stratocaster, with (unsurprisingly) sexy results.
ISP Technologies tackles the problem of getting your digital processor’s sound into your ears onstage.
With the determination to pull itself out of a financial rough patch, Gibson knows it has to really make its flagship Les Paul Standard count.
Australia’s JVB puts its own spin on the coated guitar string, and they’re not a-frayed to be different.
QSC throws another hat into the crowded ring of portable digital mixers.
Need to amplify your modeller, but standard PA systems and power amps are kind of unsatisfying? Line 6 has the answer.
How much guitar can you get for a grand when it says Squier on the headstock? Quite a lot, it turns out!
Just another auditorium? We’ll see...
Morley takes their iconic fuzz sound – as used by Metallica bass legend Cliff Burton – and splits it off from the wah-wah that it usually rides with.
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