Sennheiser strikes back with the next generation of their wireless guitar setup. Alex Wilson tunes in and riffs on the results
QSC's latest subwooder promises to be lightweight, but still legit with the low-end.
Jackson recreates one of Iron Maiden legend Adrian Smith’s main stage guitars in a more affordable version.
Yamaha takes a little from the past and a little from the present to create the guitar of the future.
Music Man takes a workhorse guitar up a level (or five).
All the good stuff without the price tag? Really?
Two Notes makes great cabinet replacement products, but they don’t want everyone to chuck out their four-by-12s just yet.
Shure pitches this portable mic squarely at podcasters, videographers and content creators. let’s check it out and see what it has to offer a muso.
Ibanez is the king of the shred axe, but with the AZ series, they’re aiming for a slightly more sophisticated playing experience.
It looks like a Les Paul. It plays like a Les Paul. But does it sound like a Les Paul? Alex Wilson investigates.
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