KRK are back with the next generation of these all-too-familiar studio monitors. Alex Wilson cranks up a pair to see what’s going on.
Alex Wilson spends some time with a classic design from the annals of guitar history.
Sooner or later, we all want that one famous guitar sound. Carl Martin takes a punt at an iconic tone and discovers a very cool byproduct.
Since 1987, the Ibanez RG has been the very definition of a modern Superstrat, and this 2019 version is definitely as modern as it is super.
The latest modelling amp from Vox doesn't try to cram dozens of models into one box; it focuses on getting a modest number of amps exactly right.
In a world where size matters...
Travel schmavel – there's other stuff going on here.
A smooth performer with real muscle.
Fender's newest little bass amp is crammed full of sounds designed to inspire you to create new genres and playing styles.
Fender revamps and renames its American Special series with some fun new tweaks.
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