QSC's latest subwooder promises to be lightweight, but still legit with the low-end.
Jackson recreates one of Iron Maiden legend Adrian Smith’s main stage guitars in a more affordable version.
Yamaha takes a little from the past and a little from the present to create the guitar of the future.
Music Man takes a workhorse guitar up a level (or five).
All the good stuff without the price tag? Really?
Two Notes makes great cabinet replacement products, but they don’t want everyone to chuck out their four-by-12s just yet.
Shure pitches this portable mic squarely at podcasters, videographers and content creators. let’s check it out and see what it has to offer a muso.
Ibanez is the king of the shred axe, but with the AZ series, they’re aiming for a slightly more sophisticated playing experience.
It looks like a Les Paul. It plays like a Les Paul. But does it sound like a Les Paul? Alex Wilson investigates.
Line 6 strips down its venerable Helix unit into an easy-to-manage stompbox that you can chuck in a gigbag or even a cargo-pant pocket.
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