Fender knows that folks love their Jaguars more or less vintage-like. So how could they tweak it without wrecking it?
Another entry in Peavey’s line of mini-heads, the Classic 20 MH promises versatile and quality tones in an economical package.
Fender taps into the current wave of offset love with a series of modernised Mustang and Duo-Sonic reissues.
Music Man looks to serve up a cool new look and attitude.
Is this the Emerald Isle of Acoustic Guitars? Craig Carroll investigates.
Tully Mansfield meets the little combo that could.
Serious sound quality packed into sport-style headphones. Balance, clarity and isolation for days.
Line 6 has always pioneered amp modelling and effects, but the Helix aims to be king of them all.
If “outside” is your thing, this may be just the ticket.
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