Alex Wilson investigates the latest iteration of these common, low-budget studio monitors to see if they deliver the goods.​
Described by the company as, “straight-up rock with reverb and tremolo."
Fender replaces its American Vintage Reissue series with a fresh take on what a guitar inspired by the instrument’s golden era can be.
Small is good. loud is good. small and loud is great.
A drummer at your feet? It’s either a sadomasochist’s dream or an innovative pedal.
Wanna play an acoustic guitar, but consider the necks to be a turn-off? Fender has some California for ya.
Line 6’s wireless technology continues to evolve, and they’re coming for your tuner, boost pedal, ABY box and DI.
Godin takes a fresh look at a classic design.
A compact mic from one of the world’s leading manufacturers that clips right into your Lightning connector.
Eric Johnson’s ears are legendarily sensitive, So of course it took three years of development before he let Fender put his name on a new Stratocaster
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