A multimedia device made with musos in mine? Count us in!
Line 6’s wireless series offers something for everyone, and the G10S is one of the simplest and most foolproof wireless systems yet.
In a dose of irony worthy of Alanis Morrissette, Carl Martin has upgraded one of their vintage-inspired classics with a 2019 edition.
Fender has made Telecaster-based acoustics before, but not like this!
ZOOM delivers good sounds and good value… Again.
Alex Wilson checks out these brand spankin’ new and hotly anticipated signature models from Polyphia’s up-and-coming guitar gods (and meme lords).
Jimi’s Black Diamond strings helped drive his sound. Today, the company pays tribute to his vision with string sets to fund music development.
When is a recording interface not a recording interface? When it is, but it’s also an amp.
Another issue, another Les Paul. Alex Wilson goes deep with this Epiphone to see what makes it stand out from the pack.
Markbass really hit it wit this tube-driven rock amp.
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