After a busy year in terms of new camera and lens releases, there was plenty of competition in all but one of this year’s CMIA categories.
Here's your portal to discovering all the winners of the 2020 Sound+Image Awards.
The well-known phrase ‘good things come in small packages’ perfectly describes Dynaudio’s Sub 6
Dynaudio’s new Evoke 50 loudspeakers sound way bigger than they have any right to sound given the relatively small size of the speaker enclosures.
You might think that you’ve seen everything in photo backpack design, but American company f-stop has developed one clever feature that delivers a whole range of benefits.
Good sound, effective smarts, nice price... JBL shows why it's become such a force so rapidly in the headphone market.
Design cues and trickle-down technology yes, but the Formation Duos are something entirely new from B&W, topping the new Formation wireless audio platform.
The 900BT builds on the 700BT's performance with the same sound, same silence, and more smarts....
Soundbars have long been a compromise — you sacrifice audio quality for the convenience of a simple bar. Sennheiser is out to change all that.
We thrill to the high level of performance from this pre-power combination, and the power amp in particular.
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