Valued at $350, Mad Professor's Kosmos is the ultimate reverb pedal!

The Mad Professor Kosmos is a small, easy to use but versatile pedal for wide variety of ambient reverbs and delays.

With just one foot switch you can of course turn the pedal on and off, but also hold the reverb for eternal ambience or make beautiful sweet effects without the need of a volume pedal.

All the 11 ambient tones are carefully designed, and you can further adjust the tones with four knobs.

The Kosmos pedal with open an universe of ambient tones. From Plate and Room delays to Spring and Hall delay, different shimmer tones, Swells and reverb with delay.

The tone simply got ever more organic!

• 11 reverb programs
• Plate, room, spring and hall
• 3 reverb + shimmer sounds
• 2 reverb + delay sounds
• 2 swell sounds
• Freeze functionality
• Swells are controlled by footswitch
• Adjustments for all sounds: Effect Time, Tone, Level
• Program dependent control: Ducking depth, swell rise speed, shimmer ratio or delay level
• Wet only mode
• Analog dry path
• True bypass

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Mad Professor Amplification Ltd is one of the biggest Finnish manufacturers of amplifiers and guitar effects pedals, distributed  in Australia by Dunphy Imports.