Zappiti NAS

The Zappiti 4K ecosystem (we review the Zappiti 4K player in the current Feb-March issue of Sound+Image) is expanding, with news of new hardware and software, including a dedicated NAS drive with built-in Blu-ray drive.

Zappiti TransferNew abilities for existing Zappiti players will be delivered by a collection of IP remote control codes allowing control via any number of smart systems, while a new ‘Zappiti Transfer’ system has greatly simplified the job of loading hard drives within Zappiti players from Windows computers, which was previously achieved by copy and pasting using external Android apps such as ES Explorer. The new Transfer system is currently available in beta and Zappiti says it will eventually be directly integrated into a firmware update. It is not currently compatible with either Mac or Linux. Full details can be found here:

The Zappiti NAS drive is quite the storage device, and by including a dedicated Blu-ray/DVD drive in the two top versions could prove to be one of the most effective home entertainment storage devices on the market.

There are four versions, split between ‘N’ and ‘S’ models — the ‘S’ versions are noted as operating more quietly than the ‘N’ drives (think ‘S’ for silent, ‘N’ for, er, let’s say ‘Normal’ rather than ‘Noisy’).

Zappiti NAS

The top pair are eight-bay NAS drives with embedded Blu-ray player and ripping system; if used with 6-terabyte drives the total space might hold 1200 Blu-rays or 7200 DVD titles.

The ripping software will inevitably be controversial, and Zappiti cautiously refers to the system as “back-up”. Also importantly the company notes that “RIP function is working with 95% of Blu-ray discs. Indeed, the Zappiti Player 4K can only play the biggest M2TS file in the ISO structure. But on some BD ISO, the biggest M2TS is not the movie file.”

When ripping a second external Blu-ray drive can be added and multiple discs ripped simultaneously.

Any Zappiti NAS can be used with one or several Zappiti 4K Players, and the solution is scalable, so you can start with just a few bays loaded and fill them up as funds and movies allow, and further Zappiti NAS drives can be integrated easily. The US team says that “if you choose to add HDDs our team will preformat and initialize it in RAID 5.”

We await Australian pricing and availability from Australia’s distributor of Zappiti, Avation.  

Zappiti is based in Paris, and our review of the Zappiti 4K Player is in the current issue of Sound+Image; you can buy the digital edition (right now!) via the links here.