The top level Sound+Image AV receiver award has been won for so many years by Yamaha’s Aventage rangetopper that we thought it was really time for a change - and this year we found a top-notch receiver with both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, plenty of power, an award-winning multiroom platform included but also high-performance audio DACs... the package just blew us away. The only problem - it was the latest Yamaha Aventage rangetopper, again. So there’s no helping it, we must give congratulations to Yamaha for the magnificent RX-A3070.

We reviewed this in full (link below), but to summarise, there are the nine amplifiers, each with 150 watts, and preouts for two more channels, so with an additional stereo amplifier it supports a full 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos speaker arrangement.

We reckon eight HDMI inputs should do anyone, all supporting UHD to the highest level. We note this year the AM tuner has been dropped, the FM retained, and DAB+ added, maybe a problem for rural areas, but very welcome for cities. Besides, the inclusion of Yamaha’s MusicCast wireless multiroom platform has you covered for internet radio reception, along with Spotify, TIdal, Deezer and other music streaming services, high-res network streaming, Bluetooth in (and out), AirPlay, and multiroroom abilities. With the number of inputs available to the A3070, it’s quite the versaility to be able to forward any of them (including the turntable input!) to MusicCast receivers in any or all rooms.

Under the bonnet improvements include high-level ESS Sabre ES9026PRO DACs, and improved video processing, including the continued ability to overlay menus on any resolution of video signal (which sounds trivial, but not if your AV projector has to keep resyncing to changing outputs). And Aventage build quality continues to impress, with an aluminium front panel, cross bracing and a fifth anti-resonance leg at the centre of the base.

And the sound - magnificent not only for those immersive Atmos and DTS:X soundtracks, but also with music, which benefits in stereo from Yamaha’s Pure Direct implementation to switch out circuits unnecessary to the stereo experience.

Of course the world contains higher levels of AV receiver - including separated AV preamlifiers and power amplifiers such as those overleaf. But our Awards are based on the value equation of performance divided by price, and at $2999, the RX-A3070 combines such a wealth of facilities and abilities together with stunning performance that it assures an eighth gong for the top integrated of the Aventage series.

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