Marantz is on record as saying that it considers the new PM-10 to be the best integrated amplifier it has ever built which, when you consider the number of integrated amplifiers the company has designed and built over the years, is no mean claim! And we wouldn’t disagree. When you look at the circuitry of the PM-10 it’s essentially three components in a single chassis: a preamplifier and a pair of monobloc power amplifiers. This means the PM-10 is enormously powerful for an integrated amplifier, with Marantz claiming a power output of 200 watts continuous per channel into 8Ω loads and 400-watts continuous per channel into 4Ω loads.
The $12,990 PM-10’s ability to deliver these high-power levels from such a relatively compact chassis, without visible heat-sinking, is because Marantz is using Class-D amplifiers, indeed two per channel in bridged mode - one amp pushes, the other pulls, as Marantz puts it, so that the amplifier can make speakers start moving — and stop moving — much more precisely, important for the definition and speed of the system. 
The PM-10 uses two switch-mode power supplies (SMPS) to power the output stages and a toroidal power transformer to power the preamplifier stage. Because of the balanced nature of the output stage, Marantz’s designers have taken the opportunity to use fully balanced circuitry throughout the PM-10. They’ve also taken the renewed interest in vinyl to heart, and included a phono stage that caters for both moving-coil and moving-magnet cartridges - with discrete components, too, not ICs.
The six other inputs are all analogue, including two balanced inputs on XLR. One of those would make the connection from this amplifier’s natural partner, the SA-10 SACD/CD player, its companion source in this Marantz 10 Series, and a component which we hold in similar regard, although as you’ll see here, our CD Player of the Year at this level is actually another Marantz model. 
These all show the strength of a company which continues to put music first, whether the focus is a $1000 do-it-all multichannel receiver or a straight stereo amplifier like the PM-10, competing at the highest level.
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