The unusual waveguide here, which our reviewer was unkindly enough to call “the elephant in the room”, follows directly from acoustic principles of speaker design where, once you have delivered as linear a frequency response as possible, the next biggest improvement can come from controlling the lateral dispersion pattern of your drivers. 
Doing so (Krix ran nearly 100 computer simulations before prototyping six waveguides for listening trials) has here delivered an standmount speaker capable of outstanding imaging and delicious hi-fi performance. A Revelator tweeter built specifically for Krix by ScanSpeak joins a 165mm coated wood-fibre cone driven by a 38mm-diameter voice coil and a neodymium-iron-boron magnet much larger than one would expect on a driver of this diameter, mounted on a cast aluminium basket in a bass reflex design, the port hidden on the bottom of the cabinet towards the rear, thanks to the Altum’s sloping design (dedicated stands are available - and the speakers come in a wide choice of finishes, varying the price from $6495 to $7895).
The aural vista these speakers create is just stunning. Remarkably deep and powerful for a small two-way stand-mount design (and we were even more impressed by the clarity of the bass), they add to this superb clarity of midrange  and a genuinely revelatory delivery of detail from that tweeter.
On our Awards night we praised also their Australianness, but Mr MacKenzie rightly retorted that they don’t want people to buy them because they’re Australian - they should buy them simply because they sound so good.
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