Dynaudio has had a ‘Contour’ range for almost its full four decades (2017 marked the company’s 40th anniversary); it is the company’s longest-running range and has been updated several times. But this is the first time the new version has been not an ‘update’ as such, but a complete re-design.

The Dynaudio Contour 60 is a floorstanding four-driver, three-way, bass-reflex design using dual 240mm bass drivers, dual bass-reflex ports, a dedicated 150mm midrange driver and a 28mm soft-dome tweeter. That’s to understate the drivers, however, since that tweeter is the famous Esotar2, with its doped fabric dome backed by a damping chamber and a neodymium magnet, while the other drivers are entirely new. Indeed in a fascinating move, Dynaudio’s own driver team bravely collaborated with two additional design teams, one comprised of budding acoustics engineers straight out of university, and the other of ‘grey-beard’ acoustical engineers with a lifetime of experience designing for other European loudspeaker manufacturers.

The result was a major change in the shape of the bass driver cones compared to previous Dynaudio models, and a reduction in the thickness of the company’s favoured magnesium silicate polymer (MSP) material used to make those cones, along the introduction of asymmetric spider pleating. The dustcaps are still attached using the same unique Dynaudio method.

Despite the external input, the Concept 60 continues Dynaudio’s well-deserved reputation for building speakers that sound true-to-life. They deliver the deep bass flawlessly, a perfectly flat and beautifully uncoloured midrange, while the semi-divine treble qualities of the Esotar2 tweeter will be known to many. The overall impression here is simply of balanced perfection, delivering a sense of realism to images across the soundstage that has you turning your head to the latest source of sound.

The Contour 60s aren’t just good loudspeakers… they’re truly great loudspeakers, and well worth the entry price ($15,999 in the standard finishes, $18,299 in high gloss).

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