"Subwoofers that demolish all performance benchmarks at their price range and well beyond."

That’s Interdyn's bold claim for the latest subwoofers from Ohio-based speaker company SVS, which has released the new 3000 Series comprising the new SB-3000 ($2690) and PB-3000 ($2990) subwoofers. Both make use of a new 13-inch high-excursion SVS driver backed by a Sledge power amplifier delivering 800W (2500W peak - "conservative" ratings, says SVS). The internal amplifier combines the efficiency of a Class D amplifier with the ability to move "colossal amounts of current" through the fully discrete MOSFET output. It also incorporates DSP, SVS claims the 50MHz High Resolution Analog Devices Audio DSP is the most advanced digital processor ever used in a subwoofer.

The new high-excursion SVS driver boasts an 11kg dual ferrite magnet motor assembly for the aluminium vented cone, with the relatively compact SB-3000 with its sealed design measuring just over 15 inches square on the front and 17 inches deep, while the PB-3000 is the first SVS subwoofer to be optimised with dual ports, upsizing it to 22 inches high.

The new subs are smart, too, with both the rear panel Intelligent Control Interface user interface and the free SVS app for iOS and Android (below), which connects by Bluetooth to adjust crossover frequencies, parametric EQ, polarity, room gain and all other bass management functions. Three convenient custom presets allow you to switch preferences for, say, TV, movies and music.

Since April 2018, SVS has been distributed here in Australia by Interdyn; for more info, visit www.interdyn.com.au