We’ve played with some of Sony’s wireless speakers before, including the really-quite-large XB7, which is like an on-stage bass bin standing on end. Quite the beast.
But nothing is likely to prepare you for the unboxing of Sony’s latest “Home Audio System” under its ‘Muteki’ line. Muteki translates from the Japanese as something along the line of “invincible”, while Sony gives Muteki the tag: “Ultimate Powerful Sound (Soul shaking sound)” and “Massive design”. Yes, well. You can see why.
What does it do? It plays music. We imagine many users will do this via Bluetooth, which has tap-to-pair NFC if your phone supports it, and we note that the Bluetooth profile includes not only SBC (base level) but also the Apple-friendly AAC and Sony’s own LDAC, which can approach high-res quality via Bluetooth if, though only if, you also have an LDAC-equipped sending device. 

But not only music — there’s a disc drawer in the middle of the V90, which plays both CDs and DVDs. The V90 has an HDMI output to play video onto your TV, and can also play audio from your TV if you plug it into an ARC-equipped HDMI socket on your TV (assuming your TV agrees with Sony’s ARC). 

With the unit connected to your network the V90 also has Chromecast inside, so any castable apps (including Spotify Connect) can be used to address the Muteki directly over your home network, and it can play shared network files through DLNA (MP3, AAC and WMA, plus up to 24-bit/192kHz WAV, AIFF, Apple Lossless or FLAC files, and even 2.9MHz DSD files).
There’s an FM tuner, and a USB slot into which you can put a stick and play not only audio but also video files in MP4 or Xvid formats, again for output via HDMI. 

And as you might just have guessed, given the party nature of the V90, there are microphone inputs for karaoke! Two of those, both quarter-inch jack sockets, but one can be used for a guitar. Full karaoke functions, as well, with echo and the ability to pitch change the music, change your voice (seven options) and even have the unit score you for accuracy against the original tune. 
All this, crazy lighting, and gesture control too. We have one at Sound+Image HQ right now, under test for the upcoming issue of Best Buys Audio & AV
Now Sony Australia has turned the V90 into an animated monster to emphasise its sheer enormity (it stands over 1.7-metres tall, yet Sony amusingly uses the word "portable" to describe it...). You can see their new vids below. For more information on this remarkable $1199 package, visit Sony Australia.