Seagate has released the Guardian Series, a new collection of 10TB high capacity drives, including the IronWolf model designed specifically for NAS drive use.

The company has created designations for different purposes to clarify their range, each denoted by a different creature and some snazzy graphics, while the company is, of course, keen to emphasise the reliability and speed as well as their many features.

Seagate IronWolfIronWolf 10TB for NAS
Those readers storing their music collections on NAS drives will know how quickly it is possible to fill space, especially in this era of high-resolution audio. A multibay NAS unit loaded with 10TB drives should keep the most voracious spacehogs at bay for the near future.

Seagate’s IronWolf is optimised for NAS applications, including QNAP and Synology devices, with a wide range of capabilities designed to meet challenging always-on environments. NAS-optimised with AgileArray, IronWolf is built with drive balance, and is the first in its class of drives to have rotational vibration (RV) sensors to mitigate vibration in multi-drive systems. RAID optimisation delivers best performance with error recovery control, and advance power management provides power savings. IronWolf provides a 180TB/year user workload rate.

Other capabilities across the new 10TB drives include:

- multi-tier caching technology (MTC Technology), an intelligent caching architecture for maximised performance;

- AgileArray, designed to optimise drive performance through error recovery control, dual-plane balancing, and power management; and

-  ImagePerfect for surveillance, supporting more high resolution cameras than any other industry drive.

IronWolf and BarraCuda Pro are now shipping worldwide, and SkyHawk (surveillance applications) is “currently sampling to select customers” (sounds just a little sinister…) with wide-scale availability to be announced shortly.

For more information, visit Seagate Guardian Series