Thor Series 6

The Richter history article in our current 30th anniversary issue (you can read it here) noted how the Richter Thor Mark IV subwoofer was the only product ever to take a trifecta of awards from the erstwhile Audio & Video Lifestyle magazine as Subwoofer of the Year, Product of the Year and Editor’s Choice.

Thor Series 6Now Richter Audio has announced the Thor 10.6 subwoofer, “smaller, faster and more powerful than any previous Thor Subwoofer”, says the company, promising this higher level of performance from an all new high-power Class D amplifier delivering 450W (800W peak) to the Thor’s new high performance 10-inch long-throw driver.

“The challenge for the new Thor Series 6 was to deliver an all new subwoofer that not only delivered the full home theatre experience but also excelled for two-channel hi-fi systems”, Richter’s Brian Rodgers tell us. “Size does matter, so the designers were also tasked with packaging this new Series 6 subwoofer into a smaller more functional package.”

A new high excursion, long stroke driver has been used for greater cone travel, driven by a double magnet engine. This new driver is designed to move a lot of air and to do it fast with a minimal amount of ringing noise. State of the art materials guarantee a long life and keeping to spec.

Thor Series 6Room tuning is possible in two ways — via the supplied bass reflex-port plugs for the large dynamic front ports, and using a new 3-mode EQ. As well as music and movie modes, this sensibly includes a “Merlin Mode” specially tuned to work with the company’s award-winning Merlin standmounters, delivering “a seamless audio experience covering the entire audio and subsonic spectrum”, says Richter.

New connection options like XLR Pass make multiple Thors an easy add-on — “the only thing better than a new Thor 10.6 subwoofer is two new Thor 10.6 subwoofers” says Richter.

And of course the other exciting thing about the new Thor is that Series 6 label — we can presumably look forward to upcoming further releases as the series moves on from the current Series V.

The Thor 10.6 launches in the second half of November with an RRP of $1499. It will be available in a Matt Black or in limited stock with a Matt White finish.

Thor Series 6Full specs:

  • Design: Front Ported Bass Reflex with additional Port Tuning
  • Driver: 10” (250mm) High Excursion Long Stroke High Performance Driver
  • Power: New High Power Class D delivering 450W RMS
  • EQ Modes: Music, Theatre and Merlin mode for partnering with the Award Winning MERLIN MKV
  • Frequency Respons:e 20Hz–160Hz
  • Phase: 0-180 Variable
  • Crossover: 40-160Hz Variable, or Bypass
  • Connections: 2 x RCA Line inputs (1 x LFE); XLR Pass through; Metal Speaker Line Level connection IN/OUT
  • Dimensions: 430H x 365D (including Grill) X 329W
  • Build: 25mm MDF Internally Braced Design with 4 x Adjustable Spiked Rubber Feet
  • Finish: Matt Black
  • Weight: 19.5kg

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