Synergy Audio's room at the Australian Hi-FI & AV Show glows in the reflected light from the superb finish on Sonus faber's latest Serafino loudspeakers from the Homage Tradition series, the main speakers in the image above, flanked by the smaller colour-coordinatable Chameleons. 
Electronics include Audio Research LS28 preamplifier and VT80 valve power amplifiers from the Foundation series, plus the Rega Saturn R CD player and multi-award-winning Rega Elex-R 72W per channel stereo amplifier, but for analogue playback in addition to a Rega turntable we were interested to find one of the American MoFi turntables on show (below).
The $3000 MoFi turntable is one of two released by audiophile record label Mobile Fidelity in their first hardware venture,  a belt-drive deck with an isolated 300 RPM asynchronous motor (the spin speeds are 33/3 nd 45rpm, natch), fitted with a 10-inch MoFi Studio Tonearm, and using a 3/4-inch Delrin platter. Michael Fremer in his Analog Planet blog has reported that the new turntables had design input from veteran turntable designer Allen Perkins and Mike Latvis, while a phono preamp also available from MoFi drew on the wisdom of the great Tim DeParavicini. The deck on show appears to be the MoFi StudioDeck; a higher UltraDeck (with Ultra arm) is also available. For more on MoFi, go here: