UK audio company QED is today best known for its cables, in which it has long been a pioneer in both design and research, though it also has a toe in wireless streaming and switching devices. We recall some fine QED hi-fi components as well from years past, including a passive preamp of such low noise that we still bring it out for use in certain situations today. Crucial to its cable development was ‘The Genesis Report’ back in 1994, which produced clear evidence that “speaker cables do matter” (it can be viewed here). 

QED was founded back in 1973 by UK hi-fi legend Bob Abraham and Ian Vine, and is today owned and operated by Armour Home Electronics Ltd., which also owns the brands Q Acoustics, Alphason Designs, Systemline and Goldring. It delivers cables for every conceivable application in audio and AV both analogue and digital, for both consumers and professionals. As just one example among the many, the Supremus speaker cable pictured right uses16 silver-plated, 99.999% oxygen-free copper solid-core conductors, the largest cross-sectional area of pure copper ever incorporated into a QED loudspeaker cable. (More info here.)

With the Q Acoustics brand already being distributed in Australia by Indi Imports, the QED brand will now also join Indi, which has spent the last few years building an expansive portfolio now including AMC, Canton, Cyrus, Elfi Design, Elipson, iEAST, Loewe, Myryad, Q Acoustics, QED, Sonoro, System Audio, Tangent, and Unity Audio.

Australian consumers have enjoyed new and favourable pricing on many of these brands as part of Indi’s policy of achieving as close to local price parity with US and/or European markets.

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