The 2018 Intermeet organised by Indi Imports was the first of a planned biennial schedule of future Intermeets, bringing together selected Indi Imports brands to show their wares, and even make announcements.

The Intermeet is mostly to allow the brands to present themselves to Australian and New Zealand retailers. A couple of us writer types were allowed to peek over their shoulders.

Stephen Dawson reports from the Q Acoustics and QED session. 

I had no idea that Q Acoustics and QED were one and the same - both operate under the UK's Armour Home Electronics.

British firm QED is best known for its high quality cables and interconnects, and it's been around since 1973. Funnily enough, it started by making switc- boxes for hifi stores so that they could A-B demo speakers. That kind of thing tends to be anathema these days amongst the high-end crowd likely to buy QED cables.

Q Acoustics makes loudspeakers and is much more recent, launching its first Q1000 series speakers in 2006. The brand quickly established a formula that delivered regular award-winners not only in conventional loudspeaker designs but in home cinema and unusual TV audio and soundbar designs as well, and Q.Acoustics used the occasion to announce the launch of the new Q3000i series. You can read about that by clicking the image below. 

The new Q Acoustics 3000i Series - click the pic for more details.

And more on QED here:

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