Q Acoustics has announced a flagship standmount model, the Concept 300, to retail in Australia at a $5999 RRP including the unique stand, representing another example of distributor Indi Imports achieving prices at or below parity with other markets. (The UK, Euro and US$ prices are £2999, €3749 and US$4499 respectively.)

Q Acoustics defines itself as offering value at every price, so the flagship is bulging with both "rigorous engineering" and "aspirational aesthetics". Reducing cabinet vibrations are always key to Q Acoustics speakers, and the Concept 300 cabinet is comprised of three individual layers, each separated by a non-setting gel which converts any stray high-frequency vibrations into heat which dissipates within the gel. Meanwhile point-to-point bracing means the cabinet has exactly the support it needs, and no more.

With a standmount, of course, this attention to vibration needs to continue to the stand, which is why the Concept 300’s unique stand comes included, not an option. It’s called the Tensegrity stand (pictured above), a tripod design built from lightweight aluminium tubes and thin stainless steel cables — Q Acoustics is entitled to call this “an entirely new loudspeaker support concept”, as it does. The entire mass is then suspended on the four springs of the newly developed integrated base plate.

The drivers come from the Concept 500, a 165mm impregnated/coated paper cone mid/bass driver with 35mm glass-fibre voice coil and equally substantial ferrite magnet. The 28mm high-frequency driver is made of super-fine strands of coated microfibre, and is decoupled from the speaker cabinet using a rubber gasket, with a subtle horn-shaped profile to the tweeter’s front plate for impedance-matching.

For more details, visit www.indimports.com