Panasonic announced at IFA 2014 that the Technics brand, dropped in 2008, is to be revived. The brand’s new project director is engineer and jazz pianist Michiko Igawa, and two ranges are to be offered initially — a reference class Series R1 (in the tens of thousands of dollars) and a C700 Series (much less pricy, but nevertheless described as a premium series).

The R1 Series seems thoroughly modern, including a network player but no CD player, a power amplifier and speaker system. The C700 system will have a CD player in addition to network player, stereo integrated amp and speakers. These are being launched in December; local availability not yet confirmed.

altOgawa explained how the new products are based on a conceot called ‘Technics Definitive Sound’, comprised of three major technical elements:

  • ‘Accurate Digital Technology’, which ensures signal transmission with precise phase and gain characteristics, and ideal power conversion;
  • ‘Noiseless Signal Technology’, which thoroughly reduces noise to realise equipment ideal for digital audio; and
  • ‘Emotive Acoustic Technology’, which realises a clear sound image and spacious soundstage with an ultra-wide bandwidth and high dynamic range.

Will the brand’s revival mean the return of the classic Technics SL-1200 turntable?
Sadly unlikely, given the focus on streaming high-end audio in the new brand...