This neat media box networks with a Humax PVR in your living room to deliver everything you need in a second video zone.
For movie collectors, or for anyone wanting to clear their shelves of movie boxes and get things instantly accessible, we reckon Zappiti provides the most cost-effective high-quality solution available.
Krix hits new standmount stereo highs with this unique design that delivers simply heavenly imaging.
Our winning soundbar under $1000 delivers not just the usual soundbar upgrade of TV audio, but a musical performance which makes this a genuine multipurpose audio system.
This enormously powerful and controlled amplifier shows Marantz’s ability to compete at the highest levels of hi-fi. It’s a triumph of design, a new classic.
Versatile app-controlled online and network streaming via MusicCast, plus great audio circuits for sound quality.
Back in Melbourne on its usual October dates, the original Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show is promising The Biggest Show Ever!
Naim is back to developing its separates selection with the announcement that the ND 555, a new 500 Series Network Player, will be “on show” at the Bristol Show this weekend.
Spotted at Hi-Fi Mássan, Stockholm, this intriguingly Scandinavian 'the Riemann' comes from Sweden’s Friedrich Wikland.
Dead or scheduled for resurrection? Check if your hi-fi can still use Spotify Connect.
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