It's like Spotify, but more physical, 3D-printing your own 45rpm singles straight from the app.
Focal has announced a new closed-back headphone to rival its open-back Utopias, the $4499 Focal Stellia.
Focal has released the $3799 Arche DAC/headphone amp simultaneously with its new high-end closed Stellia headphones (see here for Stellia information).
Dynaudio’s distributor in Australia., BusiSoft AV, has announced a trade-in promotion on Dynaudio’s Contour speakers, which allows purchasers to trade in any old pair of speakers against significant discounts on the new Contour series.
'Sonos Architectural by Sonance' brings in-wall, in-ceiling and outdoor speakers to the Sonos ecosystem.
A new flagship standmount speaker, bulging with "rigorous engineering and aspirational aesthetics".
That’s the bold claim for the latest SB-3000 and PB-3000 subwoofers from Ohio-based speaker company SVS.
Some AirPlay speakers lost their ability to do group playback when AirPlay 2 arrived. Can it be fixed?
To understand Sony's new '360 Reality Audio' object-based music format, it’s important to separate two different elements of the delivery.
Samsung TVs to have iTunes? — we say ‘meh’. But AirPlay 2 on LG, Samsung and Sony TVs? That changes things. And expect Apple HomeKit to follow.
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