Sonus faber brings eight new models and a whole new Sonetto series to High End 2018 in Munich.
Indi Imports is achieving remarkable pricing of $6999 for the Loewe bild 3.65 OLED television.
The Henry Kloss legacy lives on through KLH, and the reborn KLH Audio will come to Australia through Powermove.
The 2018 Intermeet is the first of a planned biennial schedule of future Intermeets. It brings together selected Indi Imports brands to show their wares. First up, Loewe TVs.
QED cables and Q Acoustics speakers at the Indi Intermeet.
Elipson's French je ne sais quoi delivers spheres, music centres and now turntables - with aptX no less.
Canton's wide-ranging German-built speakers featured at the recent Indi Intermeet, while Cyrus announced the One HD, adding a digital section to its Cyrus one amplifier.
Formerly American, now Danish, despite flying in the face of convention, M&K's system sounded wonderful at the Indi Intermeet.
CE China opens its doors for a third year, with the first day of CE China 2018 featuring a newly-introduced IFA Retail University co-initiated by retail giant Suning.
Yamaha extends the MusicCast system to allow wireless readers and subwoofer in a permanent or ad hoc surround sound system.
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