For some showgoers it’s all about headphones, and the main Headzone at the Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show has some top-level product available to visitors to audition.
One of the first rooms you encounter at the Australian HI-Fi & AV Show — and one of the most packed with equipment — is the extended suite for Indi Imports.
More brief reports from the Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show which is on in Melbourne this weekend.
The Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show is on in Melbourne - here's the first of our room round-ups...
Check out the full Show Guide for next weekend's Australian HI-Fi & AV Show!
The dedicated Headzones part of the Show will feature the very latest high-end designs from MrSpeakers, Woo Audio, Meze and Abyss, among dozens of other possible headphone choices.
Smart speakers are evolving, and a screen simplifies smart-home integration in particular.
Mary Webb, featured performer at the upcoming Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show, has been nominated for a key music award.
New England Audio Resource (N.E.A.R.) is an outdoor sound specialist with in-ground and bracket-mounted speakers ready to withstand whatever the weather can throw at them...
A major new Citation range from harman-kardon is all Chromecast-equipped for wireless and multiroom operation, and Google Voice Assistant offering voice control.
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