German manufacturer Loewe has a new owner: Skytec. Vladislav Khabliev, CEO of Skytec, says he will keep Loewe headquartered in its current location in Kronach, Bavaria. ‘We are delighted that we can write a new chapter in the Loewe success story and that we can raise the brand internationally in the luxury, stylish consumer electronics segment,’ said Khabliev. ‘Loewe is the brand of choice for consumers who value a distinctive style with an iconic, timeless design.’

Paul Riachi, Director of Indi Imports, which distributes Loewe in Australia says that he’s thrilled that Skytec is now in control of Loewe. ‘This acquisition heralds an exciting new chapter full of promising developments, including that later this year Loewe will unveil a new range of TV and audio innovations as well as two totally new product categories for this nearly 100-year-old company, Smartphones and Smart watches which will sync and control Loewe products.’ he said. ‘For nearly a hundred years, the German brand Loewe has been producing leading-edge TV entertainment systems with love, passion, design and such groundbreaking innovations as the invention of the triple tube (used in the Loewe OE333 radio receiver), the development of the first colour TV with stereo sound and one of the first flat-screen TVs. This acquisition means Loewee will remain true to its identity as a European owned, and most importantly a German company. We are excited about the future and potential of Loewe both here in Australia and globally, with it being stronger, leaner, and more agile than ever before.’

Riachi told Sound + Image magazine that Indi Imports’ new headquarters in Keysborough Melbourne includes a brand new 1,500 square metre facility to train engineers and sales staff, and to service the products it distributes in Australia, plus it now has a full remote on-site service capability. ‘Our passion to supply parts for past and future Loewe products is paramount,’ he said.

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