Meridian in Australia has released a stylish new publication highlighting the new ‘Meridian Lounge’ concept of specialised dealers which have both high expertise in recommending and installing Meridian systems, and also access to some pretty sweet equipment deals which are available through to the end of January.

According to Cogworks, the Australian distributor behind the Lounge concept, “Meridian has played a pivotal role in changing the landscape of our industry. To celebrate this iconic brand we have decided to run a partnership called the Meridian Lounge, which offers specials available only to selected passionate Hi-Fi Specialists across Australia.”

The UK’s Meridian has indeed been an innovator in audio and digital signal processing since it was established by Bob Stuart and Allen Boothroyd back in 1977, following the success of their pre-Meridian Lecson brand, which holds a place in New York’s Museum of Modern Art. The new publication includes a history of the company and its innovations (click HERE to go straight to this history).

Stuart was involved in the development of Compact Disc, so that in 1983 Meridian was able to release the first ever CD player built in the UK.

The company was also a leader in digital signal processing and active loudspeaker design. The world’s first digital driven active loudspeaker was Meridian’s D600 in 1989, followed by the DSP6000 in 1991, and these paved the way for Meridian’s current range of DSP digital active loudspeakers, which include the latest Special Edition models and the bullet-like M6 active speakers pictured at the top of this page.

The Meridian 8-page publication includes a review of these M6 speakers, in addition to the Special Edition DSP5200 loudspeaker review taken from our own Audio Esoterica magazine, and a look at the company’s Architectural Series of in-wall and in-ceiling speaker solutions together with the Design Service available from Meridian Lounge dealers.

There is also a review of the new Meridian 210 Streamer, taken from our latest issue of Best Buys Audio & AV. (Click the image above for direct access.) The 210 Streamer is one of Meridian’s compact 200 Series which offer a high-quality wireless multiroom system of components which can be hidden away and operated entirely by app control, while delivering a very high signal quality.

With Meridian’s SpeakerLink connections and digital active speakers, some amazingly simple yet high quality systems can be created — such as just the little 210 Streamer with a pair of the conical M6 active loudspeakers; no other equipment required.

The new publication’s back page features the many offers currently available through Meridian Lounge dealers. Click the image above to see the document, or head straight to the main Meridian Lounge website, at