Loewe bild 3.65 OLED

Loewe’s latest OLED television is a 65-incher with HDR including Dolby Vision, and Loewe's Australian distributor Indi Imports is achieving remarkable pricing of $6999 for the bild 3.65 model, despite this being a high-style design which is ‘Made in Germany’.

Indeed Indi claims that it will be “cheaper to buy LOEWE in Australia than anywhere else in the world.”

Loewe bild 3.65 OLED

With Loewe famous for making perhaps the world’s most desirable televisions, that $6999 price for a 65-inch OLED should be attracting attention among the local TV industry, as well as consumers.

It is a full $3000 below LG’s pricing for its OLED W8 ‘wallpaper’ model (65-inch RRP $9999), $700 below LG's E8 Series 65-inch OLED ($7699), with only the entry-level OLED from the South Korean giant coming in lower, at $6399.

Loewe’s bild 3 OLED models look good when turned on, thanks to the zero-black front-emissive nature of OLED. The blid 3.65 is a full UHD-resolution TV with High Dynamic Range, including not only HDR10 but also Dolby Vision and HLG (broadcast HDR).

And Loewe TVs generally look good as objects even when not in use. The bild 3 range has various options to mount on the wall, with its table stand on a suitable surface, or free-standing with the optional floor stand. You can option in Loewe’s DR+ recording system, while Loewe is also renowned for improving sound quality over the usual suspects, here with dedicated front speakers, along with a digital audio link interface to connect additional Loewe sound systems.

The bild 3.65 OLED is “coming soon”.
For your nearest Loewe dealer, contact Indi Imports via www.indimports.com