We blasted some vintage and late Bowie through this system and thoroughly enjoyed the way it brought 'Hunky Dory' into a new level of clarity, while managing to deliver both the immersive swirl of Blackstar and its slightly bonkers drum'n'bass beatiness simultaneously.

The speakers are the latest 'Evo' iteration of Focal's Utopia III Maestro, while the teaming with Naim electronics is, of course, de rigeur given the co-ownership of the two companies. Their design teams are in regular contact, we gather, so complementarities should continue to blossom.

Equally exciting, Naim Audio had its New Uniti range on show in an adjacent room, long awaited — held up in part by the many licensing deals required for the various streaming providers and technologies, we were informed by Naim's Dan Poulton. Not all are yet available — the Core and Atom models are now out, with the Nova soon to come, and the Star "later".

We also noted a neat little Evo update of the Focal Sib (now Sib Evo) 5.1-channel package, which now offers Atmos-enabled front speakers, lifting this $1500 package to 5.1.2 channels.