Len Wallis Audio has recommended Musical Fidelity products for the last 30 years as one of its favourite brands, and we can confess to a fondness ourselves -- Musical Fidelity regularly features in our Sound+Image Awards, and one of our reference systems is based around a Musical Fidelity DAC and pre/power amplifiers.

Good news, then, to see the UK brand's prices in Australia being not so much reduced as slashed, as part of the ongoing drive by distributors here to get local prices more closely aligned with those in Europe or the US, despite those markets' inherent advantages in size and density. Musical Fidelity's distributor Audio Marketing tells us that most prices are now at parity with Musical Fidelity's home UK market, and some may even be below.

The drops are significant -- many being 20% to 25%. In amplification the M3Si has dropped from $2495 to $1995, and the Nu-Vista 800 is now $12,995 – a $3000 reduction. 

The 220-watt/channel M6si amplifier has come down $1000 to $3995 -- yet compare this with the UK, where it retails at £2749 (A$4870). How often do we see Australian pricing undercut a product's home market at all, let alone by so much? (That would be 'pretty much never', until now.)

Sources, DACs and phono stages are also being re-priced -- the M3CD CD player is also now $1995, the V90-LPS phono amplifier is $299, and the MX-DAC Digital to Analogue Converter is $1299.

We gather all new pricing details will be reflected shortly on the retail site for Len Wallis Audio here.

The only downside? The new prices are expected to cause some product lines to sell out quickly, but fresh stock has already been ordered, so in those cases there will only be a short delay for orders. Contact Audio Marketing for more details: www.audiomarketing.com.au