Mocom Digital Australia Pty Ltd has been appointed the exclusive Australian distributor for Mocomtech Co Ltd of Seoul South Korea. 

Mocom manufactures super bright projection screens with ambient light rejection technology, achieving an 18 x gain — so bright, indeed, that the screen is suited to highly lit areas in schools, trade shows, bars and restaurants, even shopping centres and retail environments. But Smart Digital says they can also be effective in homes where darker conditions can’t be achieved.

“Now home theatre can be screened with the lights on!”, says Smart Digital, claiming the results are "twice the brightness of TV screens", though presumably that result will be projector-dependent. 

Mocom screens also incorporate specially-designed and precise lens-like curvature that virtually eliminates hot spotting. In addition, the curvature has focusing effect and only allows the reflection of the lights originating from the projector while diffusing ambient lights.

The precise curvature is achieved using a massive precision lens tool nearly a foot thick and weighing 10 tons; milled from a single metal ingot, the company says this took several years to complete, but achieves an optical accuracy which is a key component of their high performance.

Mocom’s Solstice screen is a rigid fixed screen ranging in size from 80 inches to 240 inches, claimed as the largest single screen optical solution in the world.

Smart Digital Australia Pty Ltd is headquartered in Bayswater, a suburb of Melbourne, and will be showcasing the Mocom screens at the Technology and Gadget Expo in Melbourne on 19-20th of August 2017.

For more information contact Smart Digital Australia