Audio Magic has announced a collaboration with Mag-Lev Audio in Slovenia, which will see the “world's first levitating turntable” available in Australia from January.


Created through Kickstarter funding and shown at Munich High End this year, the Mag-Lev’s platter is supported by feet when at rest, with these automatically retracting when playback begins. Orange lighting below enhances the levitation effect, the mechanisms of which are kept quiet, being “innovative and patented”. After playing a record the platter feet automatically rise back up when the tonearm is returned to its mount. In Australia the semi-automatic turntable will come pre-fitted with a Pro-Ject 9 arm and Ortofon OM 10 moving magnet cartridge, in four colour combinations – wood, white, black/silver and black/gold.


And one question we were wondering about – what happens in the event of a power cut? We gather the Mag-Lev has a small UPS built in to provide enough juice to return the platter to its storage position, rather than it crashing off into the room like a superweight Frisbee.

Audio Magic tells us its first sample will arrive in December, with regular orders available from the second half of January. Current suggested RRP is $3,495.* (*Price updated on December 9, 2017.)

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