Kii ThreeNot only are the Kii THREE speakers lookers with a beautiful sound, they allow the simplest of system set-ups while delivering true hi-fi performance. In Boardroom 1 at the Australian Hi-Fi & AV show, Warwick Freemantle from Pure Music Group has added only the Antipodean DX Server full of music files, plus the neat Kii Control (see below) and the active Kii THREEs do the rest.
Each speaker has four (yes, four, side-mounted as well as front) 165mm diameter bass drivers, a 127mm midrange driver and a 25mm tweeter with waveguide, each one of which is driven by its own 250W Hypex Ncore Class-D amplifier. The speakers have both analogue and digital inputs, with both D/A and A/D converters on-board; all the digital inputs are up-sampled and re-clocked using Kii Audio’s own jitter rejection algorithm.
There are also six channels of DSP, one for each amplifier/speaker , with Kii's ‘Active Wave Focusing’ filters employed to keep the signals for each drive unit within that unit’s safe operating range, aiming to allow cleaner (and louder) performance than less well matched and controlled passive speakers with conventional amplification. Sixteen options forpositioning adjustment are also available within the DSP.
Talking of control, Mr Freemantle was using his iPad for track selection, but the Kii CONTROL offers a further user interface, lossless volume control within the THREE's DSP, and three additional digital inputs -- coaxial and optical and Optical TOSLINK and USB (up to PCM 24/384kHz and DSD64/DSD128).

The standard finish for the Kii THREE is high-gloss white, but other custom colours are available at extra cost. Show visitors have the opportunity to snag a special deal, Warwick Freemantle told us, getting the THREEs and CONTROL together for $14,750, or with their dedicated stands for $15,950. 

More info: Pure Music Group