Melbourne-based distributor Interdyn will in future be responsible for distributing Panasonic’s premium high-end Blu-ray players,including the Panasonic DP-UB820 UHD Blu-ray player and the forthcoming flagship DP-UB9000 UHD Blu-ray player which just won an EISA Award for Best Product 2018–2019 (see story HERE).

The move further cements Panasonic's positioning of its top p[layer as "the new Oppo", as we suggested back in April, when the UB9000 was revealed at a Sydney launch (story here). Interdyn was the distributor of Oppo's disc and headphone lines until the company ceased production earlier this year. Although at the time it was suggested there would be enough stock to see out 2018, the demand for final production runs was so great that wholesale stock "evaporated almost overnight", we were told by one Sydney installer. 

‘It is Interdyn’s focus to cater to the needs of our retailer and integrator networks; and with the closure of Oppo Digital we are excited to be able to bring our customers a new generation of Blu-ray players from a world-class brand,’ said Interdyn director Evgeny Vizelman. ‘We’re looking forward to working closely with Panasonic to ensure their players are strongly established in the Australian specialist market.’

For more information, contact Interdyn.