“Our biggest news at IFA 2019 is also our smallest yet,” announced René Svendsen-Tune, CEO of Jabra, at IFA 2019, referring to the new Elite 75t True Wireless, a decisive redesign of the highly-successful 65t, the new model 20% smaller and yet offering 50% more battery life — 28 hours, indeed, when stored in the neat little carrycase, into which they magnetically attach to gather additional charge when not in use. Used alone, they promise 7.5 hours of battery life. 

So small is the new 75t that it presented an ergonomic problem for its designers, who faced a reduction in space for the controls. In a move that’s a first for us, the volume controls have now been located on separate earpieces, ‘volume up’ on the right. ‘volume down’ on the left. One assumes they did their research on which way round seems more intuitive to the most people.

But that was a small task compared with the main problem of squeezing everything inside the proposed enclosure and finding room for the four microphones (two in each earbud) which detect and filter out unwanted noise to allow the company’s usual high quality for calls.

“We described it as akin to playing a game of 3D Tetris,” says Jorgen Daucke of Jabra’s Product Management & Concepting. “What made it possible was our innovative use of the latest beamforming technology – where multiple microphones and digital sound processing algorithms work together to ensure that noise is filtered out and a clear voice signal is transmitted to the other end of the call.”

Up close: the 75t and their charging case on Jabra's stand at IFA 2019

There’s a new low-power Bluetooth 5.0 chipset onboard, they’ll connect to your phone’s choice of  Siri or Google Assistant or, with the app on board, Alexa, while their own companion app, Sound+, allows personalisation including how much of your own voice is fed back to the earpieces. They have fast USB-C charging on the current model, and a variant with wireless charging (bring your own mat) will be released later. Also promised for early next year is the curiously contrasting colour combo of Gold Beige; the Titanium Black will be the launch colour, available from late-October, priced at $299 in Australia.

More info: www.jabra.com.au