DALI’s first-ever headphones got their first-ever public outing at IFA 2019 in Berlin, with DALI’s booth in Hall 1.2 positively loaded with demonstration pairs of these over-ear wireless headphones in their two finish options of an attractive ‘Caramel/White’ combo or more purposeful Iron Black, with memory foam earcushions and headshells with an unusual level of fit adjustment. 

These are, in fact, DALI’s first- and second-ever headphones, since there are two models, the iO-6, which has noise-cancelling onboard including a transparent ‘pass-through’ mode, and the iO-4, which seems to be physically identical but without the noise-cancelling and its controls. 

While relatively compact they manage to incorporate 50mm cone diaphragms which show DALI’s speaker heritage in not using the common Mylar or other synthetic material, but honest-to-goodness paper/fibre cones (below). 

"We approached these like were were building loudspeakers, but for the head," we were told by Krestian Pedersen, DALI's product manager when we visited their stand at IFA 2019. "Every part is uniquely DALI - these are by far the most complex products we have ever done."

You can also easily remove the earcushions for replacement or cleaning.

Another point of differentiation is their remarkable 60 hours claimed battery life when used without noise-cancelling and 30 in NC mode. The Bluetooth is version 4.0 with aptX and aptX HD (slightly lossy 24-bit/48kHz) for wireless streaming, along with a cable option via minijack line in and USB-C for charging.

They are expected to launch in October/November with Eureopan pricing at E199 for the iO-4 and E299 for the iO-6. Australian pricing to be confirmed.