beyerdynamic has a new corporate identity and six new product launches at IFA 2018, along with an interesting take on audio personalisation, called MOSAYC. (For more details on MOSAYC and the Mimi Defined technology behind it, see this separate article.)

The dynamic CEO Edgar van Velzen (on the right above) even switched shirts mid-presentation at IFA 2018 to proudly display the new ‘y’ emblem which accompanies the modernised beyerdynamic logo, along with a host of brand-positioning statements and slogans which define a new era for the consumer market.

But the new focus won’t neglect the company’s solid position within the professional market, said van Velzen, noting the company is now 94 years old, or young, as he said. Indeed part of the new approach was prompted by professional users and their attitude to their beyerdynamic products.

“‘Our beyerdynamics” they say,” says van Velzen, "they are so attached to them." So the new consumer approach aims to extend that pride of ownership to the consumer market. “They are your products,” is the message.

So there’s a new Brand Truth which brings together the professional expertise with the consumer promise:

From the thrilling stages of the world, through the inspiring studios of the cities, directly into your ears and soul…

A new Brand Promise: “We make sophisticated products for sophisticated people.”

And the Brand Claim - “your beyerdynamic”.

The modernised beyerdynamic text is simple enough — “We think this is quite good,” said the marketing manager with unusual modesty. “A logo for today.”

Why Y?
The brand symbol is a kind of ‘y’. Something shorter than the brand name was needed to counteract the problem that beyerdynamic is just too long a word to fit at any size on headphones.

As for why Y, it combines various thoughts — it’s the centre of beyer, it’s the only letter in both beyer and dynamic, it’s even the philosophical letter for transformation apparently, though we’ll have to look that one up... It was even suggested to be a Gen Y reference. Y'OK...

After the CI (Corporate Identity) explanation, the new products — six, the highest number ever of beyerdynamic launches in the consumer market at IFA.

Three are in-ear models — “Our mission is to make them better, high quality but small drivers, the best-fitting housing, the highest audio quality.”

These in-ear ‘Byrd’ models rise from the flatbacked Beat Byrd ("so flat you can sleep on it”), through the Soul Byrd to the Bluetooth-equipped Blue Byrd (see what they did there?), which is the first model to include the Mosayc personalisation, with a Euro price of E129.

A version of the Blue Byrd with noise-cancelling is also available, the Blue Byrd ANC, at E249.

There's some entertainingly odd marketing to accompany these - see right.

Then there are two variants of the Lagoon ANC, designed as a premium mobile headphone - a Bluetooth over-ear design with digital active noise cancelling, the intensity of which can be adjusted in two levels via a switch, or deactivated (or, indeed, in cable operation). The noise-cancellation is hybrid, using both external and internal microphones.

And snazzy this - the indicator lights are internal, inside the earcups, and you can personalise the illumination. (See below.)

The Lagoon ANC (pictured both above and below) support Bluetooth audio codecs including AAC, aptX, and aptX Low Latency. Voice announcements are available in both English and German, and battery life is quoted at up to 24 hours.

The Euro price is E349, with availability in two colour variants from late 2018 (Q4). We’ll add Australian pricing and availability when we get it.

Declaration: we got a very nice breakfast out of attending this launch.

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